Strategic planning

Valkyrie is the conductor of social media communications for its clients.

Mastering the major issues of visibility, reaching targeted customers, chosing the proper social networks, automation and analysis tools is essential.


Community management

Managing social media means creating conversations, moderating them, including the brand philosophy of our clients in it. It also means talking with its brand ambassadors.

Common sense and responsiveness are good for the reputation of the company.


Understand what social web is

The social web (understand social networks), is an ecosystem that works with three pillars: search, mobile and content.
Valkyrie guides Internet users through the sales funnel of its customers.

Knowing how to create content

No digital communication without content created for the web.

They respond to the interests of Internet users and to search engines.

It is also their quality that will make any business visible on the Internet.

Our role is to put an editorial line in place and ensure its continuity.


Juggle between content formats

Images, videos, articles, podcasts do not generate the same engagement with all social networks.

They associate with varying degrees of success with each activity.

We deliver chosen contents  in the right space to ensure the best virality.


The smartphone, king of consultation

Consumers new habits have made the mobile phone a place of expression with its own constraints.

Thinking “mobile” has become an obligation to manage social networks.


Knowing how to measure and analyze the results of our actions

There are many tools today to measure actions taken on social networks.

We quickly understand what is working, what is not, and we adapt accordingly.



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